T 500 F - 230 V

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The interchangeable spindle shortens processing times when working on series.
Complete with mitre fence which can be tilted from -60º to +60º.
The stop bars of the moulding fence can easily and quickly be adjusted to each cutting tool. The standard protective device eliminates the risk of workpiece kickback.
Practically positioned handwheel guarantees quick and easy spindle height adjustment.
The grey cast-iron moulder unit is easily accessible, which allows hassle-free change of speed.


Technische Spezifikationen

Table size

600 x 400 mm

Table size sliding table

1000 x 215 mm

Working height

860 mm

Spindle diameter

30 mm

Height adjustment of spindle

110 mm

Working length of spindle

95 mm

Max. tool diameter

150 mm

Max. tool diameter concealed

150 mm

Table opening

170 mm

Spindle speed

1400 / 4000 / 6000 / 9000 rpm

Motor power output S1 100%

1,5 kW (2,0 HP)

Motor power input S6 40%

2,1 kW (2,8 HP)


230 V

Machine dimension (W x D x H)

1000 x 800 x 1200 mm

Weight approx.

100 kg


Solid, oversize grey cast-iron table ensures vibration-free run
Smooth sliding table for easier procesing of oversize workpieces
4 speed settings come standard to allow for optimal adjustment to each workpiece
Solid moulder unit with powerful motor
Robust moulding fence with fi nely adjustable aluminium stop bars
Dynamically balanced moulder spindle ensures precise running
Complete with mitre fence and downholder

Standard accessories:

Interchangeable spindle 30 mm
Interchangeable spindle for end mills 6, 8, 12 mm
Sliding table
Mitre fence
Stop bar
Protective and pressing device

Optional accessories:

Spindel 30 mm (Art.Nr.:09-1253)
Interchangeable spindle for end mill 6, 8, 12 mm (Art.Nr.:09-1253A)
Collets 6, 8 mm (Art.Nr.:09-1253B)
Feeder AF 32 / 400 V (Art.Nr.:13-1015)
Dust collector DC 230 E / 230 V with tube 2,5 m (Art.Nr.:12-2043)
Dust collector DC 230 E / 400 V with tube 2,5 m (Art.Nr.:12-2044)
Dust collector with cartridge filter DC 250 CF / 230 V (Art.Nr.:12-2085)
PU-tube diam. 100 mm (6 m) (Art.Nr.:12-1077)
Universal cutter head set 100 x 40 x 30 mm (Art.Nr.:16-2349)

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